Next Generation Party Concepts

Not everyone likes to attend parties. Make those people attend yours by enticing them with your new and fresh party concepts that definitely will not be classified as boring. Serving juice in plastic cups from a jar or food in a toothpick are examples of typical parties. Go the extra mile by showing them that you really spent time planning the party in order to give them one of the best ones they’ll experience, and a fresh take of how parties should be. Here are some party concepts to show others how a good party should be. 


  1. Use fruits as glasses or jars 

Good drinks complement good food. Need another way to serve them better? Use fruits! Use pineapple as glasses or watermelons as jars for your favorite drinks to serve on parties. Not only will they taste great but your smoothies will look great on fruit glasses and your cocktails from a watermelon jar. People might not even be able to hold back from getting a snap. 

       2. Add more color 

Not that you’ll add food coloring to baked goods, but the idea is to use colorful items to an already beautiful piece. Add colorful additions to desserts like toppings, syrups, etc. Even drinks are no exception. A simple soda float or champagne float will look and taste great with a colorful sorbet or ice cream.  

        3. Use unique drink holders 

A great example would be floater drink holders. You know, those animal-shaped floaters like flamingos but instead hold drinks rather than humans. There are plain ones as well but with colorful designs. If you are expecting a ton of guests, you won’t have to resort to them. But if they are fewer, then these floaters would be a great idea. 

        4. Play games while the food is still cookin’ 

Don’t let guests wait long for the food to cook by letting them forget so. Play some fun and games like board games, video games, mind-boggling games, etc. while waiting for the food. They might feel hungry afterward and may highly like appreciate if not love your cooking. Hopefully, fingers crossed. 

        5. Unique Giveaways 

Give people something to take away that will remind them of your awesome party. You can draw inspiration from the party’s theme. You have the option of buying an already made items, or, make a DIY gift giveaway which is more special. But either way, make sure that they will bring to mind the awesome party you threw.  

        6. Photo Booths 

They’ve never failed any parties. People simply love to take photos. And it’s a good way to document how well guests are having fun. They can also be a form of a giveaway for your guests. You can actually save some money. Double win. You can always make your own props and use a Polaroid or Instax camera. But a lot of films will be used and that will be costly. If you want to avoid that, you can simply rent a photo booth like what Sacramento Photo Booth Party Rental has to offer. 

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