Different Types of Home Foundation

Building a home from the ground up is definitely an exciting task to make. However, it is also one of those tasks that need research and time to make sure that everything will go smoothly. The first decision you might be facing is to determine what type of foundation you want to use beneath your house. Before you make a decision, it is your job to do some research and be aware of the various types of foundations to know what would be suitable for the home design that you have been planning for. Here are the following types of home foundations that you could consider: 


Houses with basements start with a hole nearly 8 feet deep that ends with a concrete slab. Commonly, the basement’s walls are molded by cinder blocks. The whole process is done in 3 parts: the beams are poured first, followed by the walls, and lastly the slab inside the walls. 

This process enables that basement foundation to be waterproof. Homes that have basements could add additional income as well since it adds square footage to the home, which gives additional space for storage if needed. Another reason why basement foundations are recommended is that they are highly resistant to extreme weather condition and fire and they are very durable.  



Houses having crawlspace foundations are raised off the floor by about 2 ft. This foundation is usually formed with a brick facing and cinder block. This kind of foundation is recommended in places with moist climates where water tends to accumulate. Since the house is elevated off the ground, there’s a minimal chance for it to be damaged by the piled up water. Moreover, the crawlspace foundation is less likely to be infested by termites. But, they are susceptible to fungi and mold buildup due to the environment made by the empty space.  


Beam and Pier 

This foundation comprises concrete piers or wood posts set deep into the ground, bearing the building’s weight. This foundation doesn’t directly rest on the ground. Rather, it’s elevated about 18 degrees more, with utility units for electricity and plumbing installed in this crawlspace. A lot of home builders select this foundation type since it can be built easily and it is less expensive compared to other choices. Although this type of foundation can be best used in smaller buildings.  



Basically, a slab foundation is a concrete and flat pad that’s poured onto the ground at a home site. Homebuilders vouch for utilizing slab foundations, especially in warmer places because freezing temperatures could cause the slab to change during cold seasons. As you build your home, keep in mind that the sewer pipe is usually put in place before the concrete is poured.  


As you choose a foundation for a house, you need to reach out to a qualified professional from Concrete Boise. You can talk about what you want and they will let you know which among the types of foundation will suit the home style that you want to achieve and the climate. Contact them now! 


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