How Can Trees Get Damaged During Winter Storms? 

Sure, trees look great especially if they are covered in ice and snow, however, storms during spring and winter can also result in damage. Based on the reported news, it’s known that 10 winter storms that have made damages that cost over 2 billion dollars in the last 40 years. But, it does not take a severe storm to destruct your trees, the wind and the weight of the snow can take a toll on your trees as well. Now, what are the signs you need to look for to finally contact your local tree service Mackay to let them assess and help out your trees? 


Here are how trees can be damaged during winter storms: 

  • A lot of snowpacks melt an eventually result in flooding 
  • High winds can uproot and damage trees. They can also be the reason why trees fail.  
  • The snow that builds up on your rooftop will start to melt, thaw, and falls onto the trees located underneath.  
  • Wet snow accumulates, heaps up, and weighs down on branches, causes them to break and get stressed.  
  • Ice from freezing rain covers the branches. As a result, the additional weight of anything more than ¼ of an inch can cause them to break and crack. 

After a storm, you can have your trees inspected for property damage. Here are the things you should look for: 

  • Fully or partially uprooted trees. You can determine tree uprooting if you can observe cracking in its surrounding soil.  
  • Large branches are dangling or broken. 
  • Small branches that have been left dangling or broken off. 

Though you may greatly feel the urge to know heavy ice and snow off the branches of your trees, make sure to resist yourself to not do it. Otherwise, it will just result in more harm to your tree compared to allowing the snow to melt if the temperature becomes warmer. When you have healthy branches, they tend to be durable and can eventually get back to their natural shape during the springtime. 

Do some corrective pruning to eliminate small and accessible branches easily. Improper pruning can only nausea your tree to decay. Hence, if you’re not sure how to properly do it, make sure to reach out to an expert tree service. When you have a damaged treetop, it would be safer to contact a certified tree specialist from a reputable tree company near you to help you out in removing the branches and pruning them properly. It is not worth risking damage or injury to your property as you attempt to do this yourself.  

Sadly, when the trunk of your tree or more than 1/3 of its branches got damaged, there’s a great chance that you’ll need to have it removed. To remove it right the first time. If you plan to do so, leave this task to the experts and allow them to evaluate the condition of your tree first and get your tree removed if necessary.  


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