Wedding Photo Booth Ideas 

One of the simplest methods to tailor your photo booth experience is having a custom backdrop. A professional photo booth rental company typically offers a lot of excellent backdrops for free. However, a backdrop can be an excellent place to start if you’ve got a theme or specific vision you would like to include. 


If you want to create a backdrop for your Waco photobooth rental that your guest will like, there are a couple of various choices. Today, we are going to share it with you.  

Photo Booth Props 

Of course, you want to have a unique wedding. Almost every couple wants that. personalizing your prop selection is one way to achieve this easily. Creating your own props is the best thing you can do. It might take a lot of time to create one. However, you’re the only person who can complement the props to your unique goals and personalities. When creating a prop selection, here are a couple of things to keep in mind. 

  • Ask for Help from the Company 

There are a couple of things you have to consider that you may want to ask your photo booth company. This includes size, glare, and much more. A couple of props can generate a high level of glare. This includes signs and cardboard cutouts. A photo booth rental company will have an excellent knowledge of what will work great. Also, they’ll be glad that you reached out so you can work together to ensure the best photo booth experience. 

  • Customize and Be Unique 

You can include a couple of scuba tools if you’re a scuba diver. You can include a couple of sheep items if you like to create wool rugs. If you’re a chef, you can include kitchen utensils. The idea here is that you should not simply look for ideas on the internet. You should let your interests and your personality guide you. 

  • Less is More 

You should try to pick a couple of simple items when it comes to props. You shouldn’t add a lot of complicated stuff. Also, your guests might have a hard time choosing props if you’ve got a lot of them. 

Unique Backdrops for Your Photo Booth 

If you want to personalize your photo booth experience, the best thing you can do is to create a custom backdrop. There are a couple of options you can choose. However, the most common one is using the venue. 

Of course, not every venue has an excellent backdrop. However, most of them have a place that you can use as a backdrop. If you go this route, you can also save a bit of space on your floor layout. All you’ve got to do is let the rental company know about your plan. 

Aside from the venue, you can also create your own printed backdrops. Nowadays, there are a lot of companies that offer large scale printing. You might be able to print a high-quality graphic or image that you like to use for your photo booth