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1.         The Executive Director shall immediately upon receipt of a complaint transmit it to the Respondent who shall be expected to comment on it within 14 days of its receipt. For purposes of this provision, a Respondent will be deemed to have received the complaint within 7 days after it is sent through the post, immediately a transmission report is out, if sent through a fax and where it is sent through e-mail, immediately it shows that it has been sent. For the avoidance of doubt, the maximum period within which a Respondent will be deemed to have received the complaint will be 7 days regardless of the manner of transmission.

2.         The Executive Director shall allow the Complainant to comment on the Respondent’s  response within 14 days of the former’s receipt of the response.

3.         The Executive Director shall hold discussions with the parties on an informal basis with the objective of achieving a speedy settlement. 

4.         The Executive Director shall give his/her opinion to the parties as to the resolution of the dispute and if the parties accept this opinion it shall be binding on them as if it were the decision of the Committee.  Where either party rejects the opinion, the matter shall immediately be referred to the Committee for adjudication and the parties shall be advised that they may bring witnesses at such hearing and in the event that they want to furnish more written evidence, they must provide such evidence within 14 days of the Executive Director’s decision to afford the Committee time to consider it.

6.         Upon the matter being referred to the Committee for adjudication, the Chairperson of the Committee shall determine a date, time and venue for considering the dispute which shall be within 14 days of the receipt of such matter.

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