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Parliament Press Gallery to undergo revival - 10th July 2009

National Assembly press gallery, which lacks essential facilities like telephones, computers, internet and workspace, will undergo a revival process, a parliament official confirmed recently.

The press gallery currently accommodates less than twenty journalists.

Parliament Spokesperson Mr. Ian Mwenye said parliament wishes to introduce computer and internet facilities for journalists.

Mwenye explained that the idea is to help journalists attending the parliamentary debates prepare and send stories as they happen.

Said Mwenye, “In this way we will bring parliament closer to the people.”

He disclosed that parliament will work with Media Council of Malawi (MCM) to implement the changes.

Commenting on the development, MCM’s Executive Director, Mr. Baldwin Chiyamwaka said the Council would liaise with parliament to improve the press gallery environment.

“One of the objectives of MCM is to improve professional activities of the media and that includes giving the media facilities and an environment that motivates them,” said Chiyamwaka.

A journalist, Watipaso Mzungu of MIJ FM hailed the developments. 

“This will assist overcome the unnecessary congestion we have had in the past years,” observed Mzungu.

In other African countries, press galleries have facilities such as telephones, computers, internet and adequate workspace. This allows journalists to prepare and send their stories with immediacy.

ByTamara Chipasula

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