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Ministry of Information and Civic Education
Media Award Scheme


The Ministry of Information and Civic Education is implementing a Media Strategy project on HIV and AIDS with funding from the National Aids Commission (NAC). The aim of the project is to encourage journalists in Malawi to write more on HIV and AIDS. The project will run for one year, from January to December, 2009.

One of the project activities is Media Award Scheme. This is a competition where journalists from both print and electronic media are invited to submit news stories, feature articles, radio or television documentaries and photographs to win prizes which range from K10, 000.00 to K30, 000.00.     

The Ministry of Information and Civic Education is, therefore, calling for entries from journalists. All entries must be submitted to the address below by 7th November, 2009:


The competition has been divided into four categories. The categories are as follows:

Visual (Television)
Photojournalism (Photographs)


There will be three winners from each category, and prizes will be as follows:

1st prize K30, 000.00
2nd prize K20, 000.00
3rd prize K10, 000.00  

Selection criteria 

Selection of winners will be based on the following criteria: 

  • Message and impact 
  • Depth of investigation
  • Presentation
  • Ethical considerations
  • Human interest
  • Gender aspect
  • Social and economical impact 
  • Content

Rules of the Competition

The rules of the competition are:

  • The competition is open to Malawian journalists writing for Malawian media and for Malawian audience
  • The journalists shall come from print and  electronic media
  • Entries must have been published in Malawi between January 1 and October31, 2009, and should have not won any award.
  • Entries shall be in English or any Malawian language,    
  • Where entries are not in English or Chichewa, they shall be accompanied by a synopsis of NOT more than 100 words in English
  • Entries must be related to issues on HIV and AIDS
  • Members of the judging panel or their relatives shall not participate
  • The length for news feature articles shall be between 750 to 1,000 words
  • The length for radio and television documentaries shall be between 5 – 30 minutes
  • Photo features  
  • A photograph accompanying a story

  • Print entries should be in the form of cuttings of original material
  • Electronic entries should be on CD or DVD
  • The decision of the judges shall be final

Deadline for submission of Entries

All entries must be submitted to the address below by 7th November, 2009.

The Principal Secretary,
Ministry of Information and Civic Education,
Media Award Scheme Secretariat,
Private Bag 310,
Lilongwe 3.     

The envelop should be clearly marked: MEDIA STRATEGY PROJECT and sent by registered mail or by hand to the above address.


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