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MEDIA SELF REGULATIONS: The Merits - Balancing Freedom and Responsibility
By Baldwin Chiyamwaka, Executive Director, Media Council of Malawi

◘ ¨Media Self-Regulation lies at the heart of Media Council of Malawi’s (MCM) mandate to defend and support media freedom in the country.

◘ ¨MCM supports journalists who wish to unite in their efforts to raise professional standards and thus strengthen the social standing of journalism.

◘ ¨The co-operation between journalists in the field of ethics is also a great training ground for their co-operation in demanding their legitimate rights from the government.

◘ ¨However, quality should never be a pre-requisite for freedom. Only a fully free media can be fully responsible.

◘ ¨Self-regulation and the promotion of quality journalism are among important safeguards of media freedom and even of media power.

◘ ¨It is in this spirit that this presentation aims to offer information to journalists, editors, publishers, and media students, as well as to politicians, government officials, religious groups, civil society organisations and the general public.